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2015-12-14 08:36:50 by BakayaroDaWickrayz

Need something ?

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Free Request [ Status : Closed ]

2015-10-28 05:10:43 by BakayaroDaWickrayz

I need something to do on my free time, so, i will open for a free request for a limited time, please read the rules.

Rules :

  1. The request should be your OC, i work on both SFW and NSFW content.
  2. for NSFW content i don't draw something like guro, scat, yaoi, and other things (i'll pick the one that i want to draw)
  3. The result will be a single character, full color, with transparent background as PNG. (see my gallery for more reference)
  4. There's no time limit for the request to be completed, because i don't know when i will get some free time.
  5. I will post the result as my own artwork here on Newgrounds and DeviantArt with credits to the owner of the OC (your username on the artwork's title).
  6. Please provide link of a sketch or an artwork of your OC as a reference for me. (also some little description of your OC and don't forget your OC's name)
  7. You can re-upload your request on your page, or social network, or anywhere else,.. but please, provide some link to my page on Newgrounds or DeviantArt.

Optional :

  1. You can check which request being worked on here.
  2. Follow me on Newgrounds and my WIP thread by clicking the little red icon on the top-right side of the page to get a notification for each progress that i make (you will see a check mark on the icon after clicking on it).

Thanks for the time, i guess that's it for now!

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