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Entry #2


2015-12-14 08:36:50 by BakayaroDaWickrayz

Need something ?

My WIP thread (may contain NSFW) | My latest stuff (NSFW) | Request? (Closed) | My osu!skin


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2015-12-25 01:01:28

I was told to follow you.
Your art is legit dude.
So I followed you.
Also you're in the cahoots with my main man Deshiel.

BakayaroDaWickrayz responds:

i hope you're not forced to do that, also i'm not quite understand the 'cahoots' part >_<


2015-12-25 13:23:33

@MuramasasEdge @bakayaroDaWickrayz you two should be glad that you don't know him in person.
He's like a devil in a body of a nice young man. :O

BakayaroDaWickrayz responds:

*pffft* hahahaha


2015-12-25 13:42:36

Was Deshiel's account hijacked? :S

BakayaroDaWickrayz responds:

hijacked or not, doesn't make any difference :P