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don't take Asshole-Kicker's review seriously, it's just a spam that the mods trying to clean up.
5/5 you got a pretty wide range of voice acting, i hope i can ask you for a collab for something hehehe keep up the good work! :D

Gianni responds:

Oh hah don't worry, I'm aware. The mods are super on it, he's like the fourth or fifth review this piece has gotten like that. And each time they get flagged, and each time they get removed. I'm actually surprised at how fast the mods have operated to take them down.

And yeah, I'd love to put in some work for you, thanks!

i don't know how to make a visualizers, but this is great i think
at some part the element not blinking at all, maybe add more element that affected by different parameter, so the blink will be separated and not just focused on one element on the visualizer.
keep up the good work :D

Noisysundae responds:

Nah. It's not only the lights from the house. The second half has the stars and the moon blinking too. (It might be barely noticeable, though.)

In After Effects, the parameter I can play with is 'audio amplitudes'. Since this one is solo instrumental, there are not many ways to play with this piece. :(
If you're curious what have I played with, here is one of them. (behold the nerd stuff.)


wow.. so much fun!! :D

DIWAKAR responds:

Yeah .. It is ... Thanx

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pretty good when you're bored.. love the part on 1:30
keep up the boredom! :P

o.o good stuff,
hope the beat more louder than the guitar sounds, good job! :D

yes you nailed it! it's fit hallowen perfectly! love it!

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yes, for gif animation, i think gradient shading is not suited for it, you could try cell shading for gif animation.
you can animate png tho (work on firefox browser as far as i know), but yeah the file size will be way more bigger than gif.
keep up the good work :)

Dynoxter responds:

Thanks for the feedback :D. I guess I was going for a different style but I agree cell shading is a better suited for animation.

cool! the final version is out :D
5/5 for you, hope Ria get animated soon :D

ArtistGamerGal responds:

Thank you! And I love that suggestion! :D

as a rough animation, this is sure looks great, just by adding some in-between and color, i'm sure it will be perfect! hope to see the finished version soon :D

ArtistGamerGal responds:

haha you got your wish! ;D

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